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Montana Colors

MONTANA COLORS was born in 1994 in Barcelona (Spain), and was the first spray paint developed for exclusive use in Graffiti. MONTANA COLORS today is a world-wide company and become reference in the Spray Paint Graffiti market... Learn more


To tell the story of Krink, the world's quickest growing art supply line, you need to hear the story of KR, an entrepreneur who learned everything the hard way. KR grew up in Queens in the '80s surrounded by graffiti writers, skaters, punks and B-boys. Graf was a part of the attitude as much as it was the landscape. Everything was very DIY: steal paint, illegal spots, make markers, emphasize your style, experiment with multiple tools and methods. A lot of it was also based in economy (or lack thereof): sharing and stealing were simply a necessary part of the creative process... Learn more


Top Notch Tools to Become All City, Finest Markers and Inks to write your name on the streets, Rigorously made in Italy... Learn more


Made in Japan by Kuretake and sold in over 80 countries throughout the world, ZIG has highly pigmented paint markers water-based and non-toxic, which can be applied to various types of surfaces ... Learn more

The Seventh Letter

The Seventh Letter is brand from Los Angeles with your roots in the Graffiti game, especially have joined forces with the famous world-wide Graffiti crew MSK, to develop all the brand products and journey... Learn more

Upper Playground

Upper Playground is a San Francisco, California art and fashion company founded in 1998. The company is described as a selling "clothing that integrates and displays the work of local and international artists and designers". The company also runs a San Francisco art gallery called FIFTY24SF. Artists that have collaborated with Upper Playground include Sam Flores, Ron English, Gary Baseman, Evan Hecox, Chris Pastras, Jeremy Fishand Estevan Oriol..... Learn more