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The Company

The Graffco company represents and distributes in Brazil since 2006 the world leading brands. Has now become a reference in the distribution of high quality products. The Graffco is characterized by rigidly select their suppliers, always betting on innovative brands and absolute quality. The company has built great partnerships during his walk, valuing above all, the relationship with suppliers, employees and customers.

The Graffco in Brazil is the exclusive importer of major international brands. Specializing in contemporary art materials, Graffco always looking for new products and demands to provide opportunities to its partners. The constant development of its operations to ensure increasingly a complete solution to its partners and customers is the hallmark of the company.

Graffiti and any expression of urban art that today so present in every niche of society, is a daily major cultural participation in any company or person, whether child, young or adult. The Graffco offers for Brazil major brands related to the world of Graffiti and Worldwide references in this market, such as: Montana Colors, Krink, Grog , Zig, The Seventh Letter e Upper Playground.

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